Runner’s Torso

The artist says, “It was welcome challenge to unite the sensuous and smooth—but unyielding!—bronze with the fluidity and grace of a striking female athlete.” Working from a live model (posed in her runner’s stride) offered the opportunity for close observation and provided the key. The result shows full force of the athlete’s remarkable, toned body with her musculature rippling and vibrant at every turn, outshining all but her femininity, which still dominates the work.

Sculptures of athletes’ torsos are rare these days, perhaps because they are so challenging or perhaps because we assume the Greeks and Romans covered the subject. However, our contemporary eye and attitude towards female athletes is far different from those earlier days. Rarer still today are bronze torsos with a female subject. This one, created by a female sculptor, is thus even more significant, endowed by the artist with a special insight and sensitivity to the female body.

Medium: Bronze
Base: Black Granite
Size: 20" (H) × 12.5" × 11"