“Featured Artist 2018” – Manhattan Arts International, NYC.


February 2018 – Selected as a Featured Artist by


Essay by Renée Phillips of Manhattan Arts International

“Elaine Franz Witten’s Sculpture Captures Majestic, Timeless Beauty.”

Renee Phillips, founder and director of Manhattan Arts International, has written an essay about my work. I am most appreciative of her insights into my use of negative space and the energy it adds to a piece of sculpture. In it, she says some wonderful things, such as:

“In Witten’s hands, the human form is not only revered but is elevated to sublime visual poetry and inspiration.” and “Elaine Franz Witten occupies a very small coterie of artists who have the talent and discipline to awaken timeless beauty and express fluidity in bronze.”


Review by Louis Torres of Ariostos

 National Sculpture Society’s “Wings of Hope, Wings of Peace”

 The Doves were included in the National Sculpture Society Exhibition “Wings of Hope, Wings of Peace.” This large, impressive and hopeful show was reviewed by Louis Torres who said the following at the end of a long write-up about the whole exhibition:

“I save for last mention Elaine Franz Witten’s Doves (titled The Mourners in the exhibition)—the work that touched me most, the one among all that I would wish to own. There is no drama here—no posing, no dancing or fishing or flight, no death—just two mourning doves, each atop its own mahogany pedestal (one slightly higher), looking at one another. Witten’s comments on the work are as apt as the simple title she gave it: ‘The mourning dove has a beautiful and simple silhouette, pure form and long tail. I emphasized these elements minimizing detail in the design of this small sculpture. I chose a pair since this is how they are invariably seen in nature.’ “

Louis Torres
Founding Editor
Aristos (online review of the arts)

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