On Point

On Point is a small figurative sculpture, perfect for a tabletop, which captures both the grace and athleticism of a professional dancer.

All aspiring young ballet dancers dream of the time when they are both old enough and advanced enough in their training to be allowed on point. This sculpture exemplifies this rite of passage.

Toe dancing was developed early in the 19th century but did not become widely used by ballet dancers until the 1830s, when the Swedish-Italian ballerina Marie Taglioni demonstrated its potential for poetic effect.

In this sculpture, the ballerina is balanced on one toe with her opposite foot raised behind her, delicately pointing, and her arms raised overhead stretch back towards the extended leg.

As in ballet, where a dancer’s body seems to defy gravity, so too does this bronze sculpture. On Point has a weightless, airy and uplifting sensibility.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 17.5" × 6" × 10"

Base: Champlain Black Marble

Price: $3,800