X-Country Skier

The recurrent triangular forms and diagonals created by the strong, graceful movements of a cross-country skier inspired this sculpture. The dichotomy that gives the piece its dynamism comes from the strong, solid triangle formed by the skier, her skis and poles offset by the propulsive forward motion of her action.

The model, Hannah, was 15 at the time and a medalist in the Northeastern J2 championships. Her lithe body—perfectly proportioned for this demanding sport—and her evident athleticism lend the sculpture its presence. To capture her focus, her determination and her movement in a static piece was the underlying challenge. Her single-mindedness is clear in the downward tilt of her head and unwavering expression. Catching her in mid-stride, with her knee already bent into the next thrust opens up sense of motion. The weightiness of bronze, which you might imagine would thwart the fluid dynamic, becomes an ally as the light on the softly burnished surface changes with every vantage point and passing minute, underscoring the tension and movement.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 15″ × 24″ × 6″

Price: $5,800