Two Hunting Horns

These bronze interpretations of a pair of antique hunting horns reveal—and revel in—the serpentine curves, twists and turns of the horns’ tubing and the gracefulness of the bells decorated with traditional, rich bas relief garlands. Slightly offset one from the other, they echo rather than mirror each other, creating dynamic negative spaces with a complexity that changes as the viewer moves around the piece This is a duality on many levels, for the horns are symbols of masculinity (the hunt), yet the curved shape is inherently feminine. The severe simplicity of the undecorated circular tubing is a study in form and space, while the bells are lush with surface decoration. They float above a Vermont granite base, slightly akimbo, almost hovering.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 19" × 17.75" × 9"

This Elaine Franz Witten Bronze sculpture is limited to twelve editions.

Price: $8,600