Rutting Regalia
(Bull Moose)

This sculpture was inspired by a visit of a yearling bull moose to our back door in Vermont. I was struck by his majestic appearance, his huge size, long legs and awkward rough shape seemed in contrast to the grace with which he moved. His head was seasonally crowned by light antlers. Hence, the name Rutting Regalia.

The creation of Rutting Regalia is featured in the “Lost Wax Method” of Bronze Sculpture process video. See still images and captions from the video at

One edition of this sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Dorset, Vermont Public Library.

Medium: Bronze
Base: Cambrian Black Granite
Size: 19" × 9" × 23.5" (H)

This Elaine Franz Witten Bronze sculpture is limited to an edition of twelve.

Price: $5,000