Personal Best
(Speed Skater)

This work is prompted by the clean and efficient movement of the completely developed physique of an Olympic speed skater. It seeks to capture the smooth flowing, seemingly effortless, rhythmic motion which is the essence of the sport. Even the shape of the “ice” base suggests the forward powerful thrust.

Personal Best was given the Award of Excellence by the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau, Wisconsin during the 2005 Midwest Winter Exhibition.
This sculpture also received two awards in the 2006 “In Motion” juried national exhibition at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Fredericksburg, Virginia: Third Place and “Docents Top Choice Award.”

Medium: Bronze
Base: Greek White Marble
Size: 20.5" × 15.5" × 24.5" (H)

Personal Best is an edition of 12.

Price: $10,000