Artist's Statement—Painting

I paint my perceptions in oil, watercolor and ink. Something real is the catalyst for my “semi abstract” or “poetic realism” style. I paint a metaphor, rather than photo realism, with progression to freer less identifiable forms which allow me to express my emotional intent.My renderings of subjects allow for viewer interpretation.

I believe that a conversation, or merging of perceptions between artist and viewer, makes a painting more accessible. This is achieved by my use of atmospheric areas, loosely painted passages or blurred soft edges, allowing for imagination on the part of the viewer. I use a linear approach in some of my paintings, an influence from my appreciation of Oriental art.

As with my sculpture, I pay close attention to negative spaces, those areas between or surrounding forms, as voids act as important vehicles to move the viewer’s eye, providing rhythm. Movement is also achieved through use of fluid and strategic passages of color. I paint vibrations of shimmering broken impressionistic or expressionistic color to capture light using energetic strokes by brush or palette knife. My color palette varies from a muted range to use of bright pigments, dependent upon the mood of the painting or subject matter. So, also, my choice of medium, oil, watercolor or ink renderings is selected based upon which medium will best display my artistic intent. Living close to nature in Vermont, I am never without sources of inspiration.

Elaine Franz Witten