Opus I
(After Stradivarius)

The sheer beauty of the violin’s form inspired Opus I. Made to the precise and divine proportions of an antique 1692 Stradivarius, this sculptural violin also incorporates the decorative bas relief and f-hole patterns with which Stradivarius embellished and distinguished his work. Here, the violin’s negative space f holes are rendered here as positive space against the negative space formed by the silhouette of the violin. Completing the piece, the oval Vermont granite base evokes the shape of a musical note.

Opus I received the Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY, “Herstory 2007” Exhibition’s “Best in Sculpture Award 2007” under title “Euterpe” (Goddess of Music) for this exhibition.

Medium: Bronze
Base: Marble
Size: 8.5″ × 9.5″ × 25.5″ (H)

Opus I is currently out of stock—future editions by commission.

Price: $8,000