Free at Last

Please bear in mind the pertinent parts of the American Kennel Club’s breed standard for poodles when looking at Free at Last: “Gait: A straightforward trot with light springy action and strong hindquarters drive. Head and tail carried up. Sound effortless movement is essential. Temperament: Carrying himself proudly, very active, intelligent, the Poodle has about him an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself.”

My model, Louie, runs daily through our meadow, exploring the landscape with great, graceful leaps and bounds. It is his free-flowing, bouncy ease—effortless movement, indeed—as he runs in the wind that I sought to capture. Free at Last celebrates the sheer exuberance, energy and enthusiasm of a poodle. It is also a testament to a curious dog’s wonderful ability to always be in the moment, never concerned with what was or what will be, but living fully in the hear and now.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 14" (H) × 16" × 5"

Base: Black Vermont Granite

This Elaine Franz Witten Bronze sculpture is limited to twelve editions. This piece is Currently out of stock, available by special order.

Price: $4,800