Cavalla Caracollante (Prancing Mare)

An important theme in Elaine’s art is her ongoing Cavallo (horse) series in tribute to Degas’ small horse series and the Cavalieri series of horse and rider by the Italian sculptor Marino Marini. The most important element of Elaine’s series is expressing the speed and strength of the horses in various gaits and positions. To date, the series includes Agosto Cavalla (August Mare), Cavalli Rampanti (Reared Stallions), Cavalla Volante (Flying Mare), Cavallo Nero (Black Stallion) and Cavalla Caracollante (Prancing Mare).

All the horses in the series have strong, simple, stylized lines and a regal equine carriage.

Cavalla Caracollante is influenced by the amazing archeological discoveries of Asian tomb horses ( Army and Figure Riding Horse One of Pair). Like those statues, Cavalla Caracollante is formalized, with a bit of a martial or parade air about her. But where the funerary horses from the Tang Dynasty or Sui Dynasty are static, with a massive quality that serves to underscore the animal’s importance in the culture, this elegant “Prancing Mare” is all forward motion and purpose. With a bearing familiar to all who know horses, her grace and dignity blend with an intrinsic aristocracy.

Medium: Bronze Base: Cambrian Black Granite Size: 11″(H) × 14.75″ × 4.5″

This Elaine Franz Witten Bronze sculpture is limited to an edition of twelve.

Price: $4,000