Artist's Statement—Sculpture

Beautiful form, creative use of negative space and illusion of movement are hallmarks of my bronze sculptures. Working in timeless realism and with timeless subject matter, I frequently simplify shapes and sometimes idealize form to achieve my artistic intent. My goal is to interpret beauty for myself and all who view my creation, as I strive to create and communicate through sculpture the essence, even the soul, of living forms.

My body of work includes figurative, animal, birds and “antique” musical instruments, which I frequently mount on indigenous stone bases. I cast my bronzes using the multi step ancient lost wax method which begins with constructing the original in clay over an armature, progressing to wax, and ultimately casting into bronze. Molds are made between each stage.

My roots of inspiration are my life long love of nature, art and music. I live close to nature in Vermont providing exposure to such living subject matter as horses, llamas, goats, moose, birds. I draw upon my accrued knowledge of human anatomy gained as an R.N. to enhance my figurative work. I was raised in a family that both valued art and played classical music. Thus, I speak from my inner voice, reflecting my past and communicating through sculpture, our human connectedness with all living creatures.

Equestrian - Figurative - Avian - Animal Forms - Antique Instruments - Small Treasures - Outdoors - Work In Progress
All of my bronze sculptures are suitable for outdoor display incorporated into gardens, patios, etc.